BBC Radio 2 Live Session, Maida Vale Studios London

A collection of photographs taken by photographer Dan Watkiss who joined us for the day at the legendary Maida Vale Studios. We recorded four tracks for Paul Jones’ BBC Radio 2 session on March 23rd 2012.

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JABG at Moulin Blues Festival, NL 2012

A collection of photographs documenting our time before and during the show at Moulin Blues this year. Thanks to ALL the crew at the festival, special thanks to Glenn van Winkel,, Adam K-Dog Kyte & Photographer, Dan Watkiss.
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Jon Amor Blues Group Culturpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer NL 4th May 2012

All Pictures taken by band photographer, Dan Watkiss.

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On The Road 2011

A collection of photographs we have taken whilst touring this year.

Thank you to all the excellent drivers, promoters, agents, venue staff, artist liaison, sound and lighting crews and audiences who have made it the year it has been.
Special guests include Alan Nimmo, ‘K-Dog Kytee’, ‘Mensies Mafia’, Ronnie Baker Brooks Band, ‘Bremen Volker’, Ronald Van Oudheusden and “Mmm-Boppers”, Hanson.

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Friend’s Photographs

A collection of great pictures taken by friends and supporters of Jon Amor Blues Group. Thank you to the photographers.
Any one can send their pictures of Jon Amor Blues Group to the us at:

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Goodmerry Farm Album Sessions

Between 29th June – 6th July 2011 the Jon Amor Blues Group recorded their debut album. We did this in a barn, on a farm in Cornwall. Goodmerry Farm.

These photographs represent an opportunity for us to return that eventful time, and for you to have a look at where our album comes from.

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